Monday, August 20, 2012

Removal of Confederate flag

Removal of Confederate flag
Mayor Gavin A. Brown
Dear Sir,
As a New Yorker without one Confederate ancestor, I must strongly oppose the removal of the Confederate flag from in front of the courthouse.
To begin with, having studied these matters under various circumstances and in various places at various times, I have decided that all such actions seldom represent the will of The People of the town, county or state in which they occur. Indeed, when such matters appear as a referendum, without fail the people – whites and minorities – have voted to retain their historical identity.
But if these are not actions based upon the public will, what are they based upon? Usually they are the result of politically correct leftist cadres whether of academia (Lexington) or groups supposedly speaking for "offended" minorities (NAACP, SPLC etc.). And while both groups have every right to voice their opinion, I do not remember that they have been given power to negate and nullify the will of the majority – at least openly. As a result, such actions as your city has seen fit to take represent a minority viewpoint which gains its strength not from the People, but from a Marxist inspired movement called political correctness which becomes ever more powerful to the point at which Americans may well question the value of their supposedly constitutionally guaranteed liberties!
People are elected to office to do more than engage in bureaucratic bean counting or raise money for the next election cycle. They are put into even the most humble office with the idea that while there, if and when a crisis arises, they will respond with courage and honor and not turn tail and run from the specter of the race card. Therefore, until such time as the citizens of Waynesville vote in referendum to remove your historic flag, you owe it to them, your office and yourself to return the flag to its historic home. When the government becomes the mouthpiece of a minority viewpoint – whatever that minority might represent – then we no longer have a representative government, but a tyranny of the few over the many.
Thank you for your courtesy.
Valerie Protopapas
Huntington Station, New York