Saturday, August 11, 2012

Colonel John Taylor Hughes, 1817-1862

1st Battle of Independence

At sunrise on August 11, 1862, Colonel John T. Hughes, commander of the Confederate troops, was killed by a shot to the head while leading a surprise attack against Federal forces.  The volley came from troops under the leadership of Captains Breckinridge and Axline.  Colonel Hughes fell motionless to the ground while leading a charge against the right flank of Captain Axline's position.
The surprise attack came from the Confederate Troops and Quantrill’s Partisan Rangers.  Captain Breckinridge was taken by such surprise that he immediately shouted: “Boys, we are completely surrounded, and we had better surrender.”  This was the first command heard by the troops, but it was not long before Captain Axline was able to successfully counter that order and get their men to rally a few yards from here behind a stone fence.
Captain Axline was able to repel several charges from the Confederates on this location before he received a message from over-all commander Lieutenant-Colonel James Buel ordering him to surrender to Colonel Thompson. Colonel Thompson succeeded command of the Confederates after the death of Colonel Hughes.  Captain Axline reluctantly surrendered.
Brigadier General John T. Hughes Camp #614, Sons of Confederate Veterans.