Sunday, October 25, 2015

Southerners need to stand up for the Colors and Dixie!


Over the past six years, the United States of America has had an apologist President who sees himself as a savior for anyone who is not an Anglo American.  He has repeatedly bowed to foreign leaders, repeatedly abandoned traditional allies and friends of this nation, and repeatedly painted our history in dishonor and as a world bully.  If nothing else changes in 2016, a new President offers the opportunity for a voice to reignite the American spirit.

My disgust is not limited to one man in the White House.

In the South, and sometimes by leaders within heritage organizations, we have heard apologies and calls for  retreat of the colors, songs, symbols and heroes of the South.  We, in the Southern heritage and nationalism movement have had to watch inept leaders place all our heritage eggs in the basket of the Courts.  Despite of the call of many patriots across the South, the heritage organizations refuse to live to the charge, and to the pledge to the Confederate flag.

In years before now, people like me, called radical, have been removed from office and scolded for our voice, a voice which calls for engagement in the public debate, and in the realm of politics, to assert the Cause.  Instead of acting as a unifying force for the South, some have worked very hard to splinter and divide Southerners.

Here's one aspect of what the Confederate Battle Flag means to me; the Spirit of the South, of the Southern Patriots who answered the call, who put on the uniform and endured war.

The Spirit of the South is not an historical remnant.  We see it in those who will not bend to the oppression and tyranny of today's nation.  We see it in those picked up the colors when a governor in a Southern state surrendered once again. (Hopefully South Carolinians will act to end her career in politics when she next runs.)

The colors represent a defiant pride in the South, a youthful exuberance and love for not just land of the South, or the people of the South, or the Culture of the South, but in its existence as a people who could stand as a nation, united for liberty and states rights and Christianity.  Those colors mean so much around the world...those colors means courage, patriotism, defiance, commitment, and yes even bravado.

When people call me a radical, I bet.  I am a radical committed my God, to Christ.  I am a radical who believes that my inalienable rights do come from God, to me, as His child.  I am a radical who believes that if I say I will vindicate the Cause, I will do just that.   From my own travels across the South, I know the companies, and battalions, and legions of Southerners in scores if not hundreds of camps who share my "radicalism."  I would say those radicals are the ones you see now engaged in defending the colors...standing up in defiance and flying the colors.  To them, as it is for me, this is not solely about honoring my ancestors, its about proclaiming my politics today!!!

So, you who live in the South, don't tell us to repent of, or be reconstructed.  Your strategy of retreat, surrender, while defending almost nothing of the South, or the values and culture we hold most dear has not only helped minimize the Southern way of life, but at the same time hurt the United States of America by proving that many will not stand against "progressivism,"  "atheism," socialism." and the fascism of centralized power.  You are not only jeopardizing the life of the South, you are helping to the smother American exceptionalism.

I pray that our Christian God will hear our prayers and help us restore His Sovereignty in this land.

Mark Vogl
Rebel Mountain, Texas