Wednesday, October 21, 2015

CSA Defense Article by James W. King

The Confederate States of America (CSA) and the Confederate Battle Flag are symbols of resistance to the tyranny and despotism of an overreaching, socialistic, highly centralized and authoritarian dictatorial government. So the elite power brokers and Socialist politicians want it erased from memory. It was waved by racists during the Civil Rights movement but so was the American flag. The official flag of the KKK is the U.S. flag-the Stars and Stripes. In fact, the American flag flew over a "racist America" far longer than the Confederacy stood as a nation. These facts demonstrate the hypocrisy and irrational thought processes of the elites, liberal politicians, race hustlers, and their propaganda machine. They have an agenda and are not interested in honest rational debate.

The culture war on the South is ongoing and at the highest level the Socialist-Communist Left (aka Democratic Party) and One World Government (New World Order) proponents are leading the attack. Americans who condemn, berate, disparage, and demand the Confederate flag and CSA monuments removed are acting as "Useful Idiots" as defined by Communist Vladimir Lenin years ago. Socialism and Communism are operating under the cloak and guise of "Humanitarianism" and those Americans that have been deceived are many. Black Americans were especially targeted for indoctrination and the efforts have been highly successful. Polls indicate that about 80% oppose the CSA flag and other CSA memorials. Racism is a Communist word coined in the 1930 era as part of the "divide and conquer" plan to take control of America by pitting white and black Americans against each other. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and others were trained at the Communist Highlander School at Monteagle Tennessee.
It is very important that we know and understand who America's enemy is and what the enemies' goal for America is. The two primary goals are to establish totalitarian Socialism and Secular Humanism (the belief that there is no God and that man, science, and government can solve all problems).  To accomplish these goals America's Constitution and Bill of Rights are being violated and knowingly misrepresented and shredded by activist Supreme Court judges. Calling the Constitution a "Living Document" is a scheme developed by these liberals that allows them to interpret it as they choose rather than as America's founding fathers (who were primarily Southern gentlemen from Virginia) intended.
Over the last month following the tragic shooting in a South Carolina church by a mentally deranged and probably drug influenced 21 year old white male who had been photographed with a CSA flag, the liberal Left has made unwarranted and unethical attacks against everything associated with the CSA. The mayor of Memphis Tennessee and the city council voted to remove the grave and statue of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest. The fact that Forrest was an early civil rights advocate for blacks is ignored. In 1875 he gave a speech for the "Pole Bearers" a forerunner of the NAACP promoting black Civil Rights. Numerous weak kneed and emasculated Republican politicians who are historically ignorant and either do not understand or care that the Confederate flag represents the same values as the original Betsy Ross U.S. flag have joined with the Socialist-Communist Left in denouncing and removing the Confederate flag. The Confederate flag represents limited constitutional federal government, states' rights, resistance to tyranny, and Christian values and principles.

James Webb who was Secretary of the Navy under President Ronald Reagan and later a Democratic Senator from Virginia is quoted as saying "to tar the sacrifices of the Confederate soldier as acts of racism is one of the great blasphemies of the modern era".
In the late 1980's the NAACP was experiencing great reductions in membership numbers so they began a crusade against everything Confederate instead of addressing crime, school dropout, unwed mothers, and teen pregnancy.  The "Culture War" against the Conservative and Christian South began about 1830 by the Socialist North and has continued unabated to this day.  What we are witnessing today is an all-out attack on   Western Culture and Civilization and a movement toward a totalitarian Socialist "One World Government". Historically ignorant indoctrinated Americans acting as Vladimir Lenin's "useful idiots" as serving as a vanguard for the attacks. For over 50 years the liberal left has talked multiculturalism, diversity, tolerance, and freedom of speech but they obviously don't include Confederate Americans. Political correctness does not allow it.

James W. King
Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV)
Camp 141 Commander
Albany GA.