Thursday, October 29, 2015

Our Problems

To All:
Our problems stem from the fact that the average Southerner & other Americans today are cowards. We elect & have cowards to lead over many of our institutions as well. Too many of these cave to the silly whims & demands of political correctness when a simple answer of NO is appropriate. Besides scream, cry & threaten what can our enemies really do to erase our history & heritage unless we agree to it & become an accomplice to their demands?
Gov. Bentley who is one man caved in to a black state rep. who threatened to clog up his first special session if they did not remove the flags from the Confederate military monument in Montgomery. That special session turned out to be a bust anyway but, our flags are just as gone.
Another example are the board of directors over the reenactment at Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant , S.C. NO ONE to my knowledge asked them to cancel this reenactment but, out of fear & cowardice over the shooting in Charleston they took it upon on themselves to tuck tail & run.
This list of our self-inflicted losses goes on & on. We give ground under little to no pressure. It̢۪s one thing to have something taken from us but, something entirely different when we aide & abed our enemies silly P.C. whims by just handing over to them.
Our biggest problem is, some of us just need to learn to say NO & stand our ground when political correctness demands anything of us.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama