Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hope this message finds you well.

First, I would like to thank you for your support in defending the Confederate Flag and our Southern heritage.   You have spent your precious time and effort to help further our cause in your own ways by posting news on your Facebook pages, hosting flag rallies, and attending local city council meetings.   We each feel as though we have been called to fight this battle in our own unique ways.

We did not seek this fight, but my dad always told me "Son, don't start a fight, but if you have to, make sure you fight to win."   We must take the fight to our haters.  Sitting back, complaining, and giving speeches will not work any longer.   We have to break their will to fight us.  Make them realize that they made a huge mistake by poking the Confederate hornet nest.  They are used to getting their way because nobody has shown the courage and backbone to stand up to them.   This must stop immediately.  If they are so "offended" by a couple of Rebel flags at Ebenezer Baptist Church, than we should make them even more uncomfortable.    I prayed a few nights ago about how to help the cause.  I woke up the next morning and had so many ideas running through my mind that I started writing them down.   My intent is not for notoriety, as I don't want credit for anything.  When I woke up that morning, I feel as if I was told what we need to do to succeed in this battle.  The ideas are listed below.

I am contacting you because you have a successful Confederate Flag group on Facebook with many followers.   Each of your followers are angry and willing to help save our heritage and flag.   We can continue to fight this battle in multiple large groups and risk losing or we can come together as one massive group and take the fight to our enemies with much greater strength.  It will take all of us to succeed over a period of time.   We have sat passively on the sidelines for too long and assumed that our enemies had a moral compass that would prevent them from trying to erase our heritage.  We were wrong for assuming that other groups have the same tolerance as we do.   I'm not sure how to accomplish all of the goals below, but I am willing to help in any way that I can.   I have also contacted the other large groups on Facebook with our same interests.  Many of you know more than me about social media, fundraising, organizing, etc.  Hopefully, we can work together as a unified force to find the people with skills necessary to complete our goals.

All of the Facebook groups are doing a great job of keeping members posted on the latest news.  However, we need one site that is based solely on setting up ACTIONS and tasks that need to be completed instead of news.  I have read messages from members of one Facebook site who missed out on rallies and city council meetings because the info was posted on Facebook pages that they were not a member of.   Continue to be run your Facebook page and keep followers afoot of the latest news, but we need to have all of our followers join one main group that is focused solely on the following ACTIONS:

1) Make everyone in the general public see the Confederate flag on a daily basis.   We can set up a gofundme account online to raise money.   With 200,000 group members raising only $10 each, we would raise $2 million dollars.  This should be very doable considering many people would donate more.  If you combine the membership of all of the Confederate pride groups on Facebook, it totals nearly 320,000 members.    The money could go towards raising huge Confederate Flags (like the one in Tampa) alongside every interstate that runs into every major city in the South.  Put them near Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Richmond, Birmingham, Nashville, etc.   Huge flags and tall flagpoles alongside the interstate need to be in areas where they are seen by the maximum amount of people.   Let people know that we live in the South and we are proud of that.  I'm not sure about the cost of each flagpole and flag, but the someone should be able to help with that info.

After we finish with the large flags going into each major city, we could start focusing on finding landowners to help with normal sized flagpoles and flags in each small town.   Ideally, we could find landowners with access to land in direct view of city hall in each town.   Make the politicians have to notice our beautiful flag each time they report for work.  Therefore, when they look out the window and see the flag, they know that we are always watching.  

We would need a nonprofit organization (maybe someone has knowledge of how to start this) to actually take in the money on the gofundme account online.  Maybe, we could start talking to group members and try to find people who own land near the interstates around large cities that would donate a small portion of their land for a flagpole.   As we find sites, we could list them in order on the gofundme site and have members donate to the cause.   We simply raise the flagpoles and flags as we receive the funds.

We could also erect large billboards on each interstate heading south at the Mason Dixon Line.  This billboard would have a picture of the Confederate Flag and say "Welcome To The South.  Fighting an Overreaching federal government since 1861."  Place them near all state lines of border states at the interstates so everyone will know when they enter the South and know that we are proud of our history and culture.

This group could also be the main site where everyone posts their flag rally info.   Everyone could see the rally details on this site with the Facebook link to the rally event page.   Attendance would increase because everyone would know where to look for rally info.  Advise event leaders to promote their rallies with events after the rally to increase attendance (a band, cookout, etc.).

Persuade everyone in the group to fly a Confederate Flag at their home and to place a decal on each owned vehicle to help increase exposure.

2) Have members start asking all local and state politicians about their views on the Confederate Flag and Southern heritage.   Use this group to post voting information by recommending politicians who are friendly to our cause and who exhibit a BACKBONE!

We have to start taking back our country from the local and state levels.   Mobilizing voters (and maybe having members run for local office) will help to preserve our heritage.

We can also use the group to send email addresses and phone numbers to our elected officials, so we can contact them in mass numbers before important votes.  

3) We need to use this group to get involved in the community and show them that we are not racists or bigots.   This group could be used to mobilize members to attend local fairs, festivals, and community events.   Talking with people and donating goods to worthy causes would help show that the lies told about us are not true.    They need to know that we are ordinary people and not the KKK.

We have a larger following among minorities than many would expect.   They need to take a leadership role in dealing with the media and in our communities.   Seeing minorities on television, at local functions, and in the newspaper will discredit all lies that our heritage is based on racism.

4) Be aggressive and take the fight to the NAACP and other hate groups.  This Facebook group could be used to list companies that donate to these hate groups and also list companies that do not support Southern history and heritage.  Have members send emails to all of these companies demanding that they cut ties with the NAACP and treat our community with respect.   If we can cut the funding from these hate groups, they will not be able to sustain their influence.

We also need to boycott these companies who donate.   A thousand people boycotting will not make them notice.   250,000 boycotting and writing emails will get their attention very quickly.  Include the simple ultimatum in each email that if you donate to the NAACP, than we will boycott your business in mass numbers.

In conclusion, we need to mobilize and speak as one voice.  If each Facebook page moderator continues to run their page to post news, while also teaming up on this one main action group, we could make a much greater difference.     We all share a common cause to honor our ancestors, preserve our way of life and heritage, fight political correctness, and demand the respect that we deserve.  Let's all work together and come up with a plan, so we can work out the details upfront (who is in charge of what, who moderates the Facebook group, who makes the decisions on where to apply funding, etc.)   This group needs to be focused on ACTION instead of news.    Please send me a private message back with your email address.  When I get the email addresses of all of the Facebook group mods, I will send a group email to everyone that will allow us to work together on the details of making this happen.    We will sort everything out and find a way to actually make a sizable difference in this fight for our culture.

Thank you for your time.  I don't know how to proceed from here, and I definitely can't do it alone.   To show that I am serious, I will be happy to donate the first $200 towards our flag and flagpole campaign.  Please send me your email address and let's talk as a group, so we can get the ball rolling as quickly as possible.


John Daniel (proud Southerner from Georgia)