Wednesday, October 28, 2015 WEEKLY UPDATE

It has been a very busy two weeks since I last wrote. We did not send a Weekly Update this past week because our setup location kept changing and literally came down to the evening before.

The changes occurred as property owners backed out letting us use their highway frontage property. There is always one of two reasons given: 1. "I'm afraid Blacks are going to throw a brick through my window" or 2. "I'm afraid Blacks will stop doing business with me." We are in this mess because of cowardly people who profess behind closed doors how much they love the flag, and want to help, but will not risk anything to make it happen. The two things above are imaginary fears. Most of our members have been doing this for over 20 years. We have never once been attacked. We have setup events at literally hundreds of locations without the least bit of violence, during or after. Also, whenever we setup at a business location...sales increase, not decrease.

We are thankful to Joyce & Angel who own the fireworks business on the east side of Hwy 49 just South of Collins. These two women showed more courage than the trembling men who backed out on us. Angel even grabbed a flag and joined our "flag waving crew" on the side of the highway. She also was kind enough to offer our booth volunteers an opportunity to relax in the A/C when they needed to cool a bit in the 102 degree heat. Be sure to patronize their business when you need to buy some fireworks!

The highlight of the day was raising a 40 square foot flag on a large 35' flag pole. The halyards were dry-rotted and a lift truck had to be called in to re-string it. You will not believe what happened as the flag was being raised. You can check it out on our Facebook post below. It is so phenomenal we have already had 181 shares, 1800 combined likes and over 15,000 people reach.


We have been invited to setup our full roadside display this weekend on the grounds of Beauvoir, the last home of President Jefferson Davis. The home is located on the beach in Biloxi. I am told there will be free admission to all vehicles flying Confederate flags. Since all of our people seem to be doing that already, I hardly need to announce it. There is to be a big flag rally on the grounds so it should be a fun day!

We agreed to setup at Beauvoir this weekend for two reasons: 1. After several weeks in extreme heat, we wanted to give the booth workers a weekend off. They would not agree, so I thought this would be a happy compromise. They will be on hand to work the tables...but in the SHADE.

This is a good week for folks to volunteer who have indicated they wanted to help. We won't have the constant flow of traffic stopping in, so it won't be so hectic...and it will be so much cooler.

We just purchased a 12' x 18' Mississippi State Flag. This is about 1/3 again larger than the 10' x 15' Battleflag we now use. Dale O'Neal has volunteered his shop for welding the frame so we will head over on Friday and start fabricating our custom frame. We hope to be complete and debut it on Saturday.


We have received our t-shirts, both in black with white graphic and white with black graphic. They really look good! All booth volunteers get one for free.


We have been so busy with planning and attending events that we have been negligent in keeping the website up-to-date. Hopefully, the dust is beginning to settle as we continue to complete a lot of projects on our checklist.


Tonight's post on Facebook:

On March 4th 2001, sponsored a 43 day walk from Gulfport to the Mississippi State Capitol ending at our huge rally three days before the vote. Terry Joe Rainey quit his job and made the walk on schedule, with his rat terrier Erie. We were drawing statewide attention to the referendum and to our rally at the State Capitol on April 13, 2001.

Terry Joe would walk each morning then setup a table in the afternoon to gather signatures. Over the course of 43 days we gathered well over 10,000 signatures and registered nearly 1000 people to vote. The Walk was a huge success! When Terry Joe arrived at the State Capitol he was greeted with a heroes welcome by 2000 cheering flag supporters.

My question is this: Where are the Terry Joe's today? I know it is a rare individual who can quit their job and give 43 days of their life to the cause...but we need the spirit of Terry Joe that inspires us to do ALL WE CAN!

There were several men and women who dedicated MANY days, nights & weekends for the cause of saving the State Flag. It is flying today because of them. Here we are threatened again. The old warriors have been coming out of the woodwork to muster back into service, but we need new troops who can make the same commitment..

Contact us today...we have a job for you!

Stay-tuned, we are picking up more steam each and every week. We are in dire need of volunteers to help man our tables and, if you are located near Stone County, help out at the office. Drop me a line, or give me a call....

John Cripps