Saturday, October 31, 2015

Old Cahawba shares its haunted history

Seeing Old Cahawba during the day is something that can be done most days of the year, but there are only a select few that people get to experience at night.
Friday night marked the start of the ninth annual Haunted History Tours with wagon rides through the old ghost town that was once one of the most prominent towns in Alabama and is now home to a ghost tale or two.

“The other 364 days we’re off limits,” said Jonathan Matthews, assistant site director at Old Cahawba.

“We have these ghost stories, and I can tell that people are intrigued, and this is a chance for them to experience it first hand. I think everyone learns better when they’re doing something and not just passively listening.”

Matthews said Old Cahawba is known most for being the state’s first capitol, but the park is much, much more than that.

“It’s the confluence, or the intersection, of many different things. The most obvious is the confluence of the two main rivers, the Cahaba River and the Alabama River, but it’s also where the European culture intersected with the Native American culture and the African American culture,” Matthews said.

“It’s a place where Union soldiers and Confederate soldiers crossed paths at the infamous Castle Morgan Civil War prison camp we have, but it’s also where the spirit world meets our world. Anything you experience tonight is either in your head, or it’s the real thing. We’re not making it up.”

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