Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Socialists and Communists in the Republican Party and Union Army

One cannot fully understand the War of Northern Aggression without understanding that many European socialists and communists made up the Republican Party and held positions in the Union Army from private to general. Many socialists immigrated to the U.S. from Europe during the 1840s and 1850s and flocked to the Republican Party because it represented what they believed in. Many were exiled from their native homelands due to their participation in the failed socialist revolutions of 1848. Some even escaped from prison and made their way to America. These people are commonly known as Forty-Eighters.  They were faithful to bring their socialist ideologies with them when they settled in their new homes. Many of them started newspapers and spread their socialist propaganda throughout the North.  They were great admirers of Lincoln because they shared the same ideas of big government and no state's rights. These radical Republicans were instrumental in getting Lincoln nominated and elected. They were also very radical abolitionists and considered John Brown, America's first terrorist, a hero. The Union Army had many high ranking officers, including generals, who had fought in the socialist revolutions in Europe.  They saw the opportunity to achieve here what had failed in Europe. Even Karl Marx was a great admirer of Lincoln and he worked for Charles A. Dana, who was the top aid to Horace Greeley, editor of "The New York Tribune", and assistant Secretary of War under President Lincoln.  Lincoln was surrounded with known socialists, such as Dana, Greeley, and Frederick Engels. Engels co-authored the "Communist Manifesto" with Karl Marx. (Birds of a feather?)

These socialists and communists were all about big government and against personal property ownership. The 1848 socialist revolution, which failed in Europe, was to be reborn in all of American society.  People didn't see it then, and they don't see it now.  The mess this country is in today is a direct result of Lincoln's illegal and socialist invasion of the South for the purpose of extracting excessive tariffs, and crushing state's rights and limited government. The result of the North winning the war is the U.S. turning 180 degrees from what our Founders established; a limited government with sovereignty of the states and individual liberty. "Reconstruction" completely turned this country upside down and implemented the overgrown, socialist government we have today.  Lincoln "saved" the union geographically, but he destroyed it politically, socially, and economically. A union held together by force is not a true union.

180,000 Germans, with many more thousands of Austrians, Czechs, Poles, Hungarians, and Irish made up Lincoln's army.  Without their help it is doubtful the North could have won their illegal war due to the mass numbers of desertions it was suffering. The socialists and communists in Lincoln's army is a dirty truth that not many people know about.  It has been conveniently left out of the "history" books which have polluted the minds of countless Americans for 150 years in our public education system, which, by the way, was an idea of Marx's. What has been taught about Abraham Lincoln is a huge myth.  He was not "honest", he was not an "emancipator", and he did not "save the union", but destroyed it. Our Marxist rewritten history has put us on the track we are now on. If you didn't know these facts about our history, what other facts have been kept from you and covered up with radical leftist lies?  How can one understand the present when they do not know the past?

Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK

(Referenced from, "Red Republicans and Lincoln's Marxists", by Walter D. Kennedy and Al Benson, Jr.)