Friday, October 23, 2015

Flag Redesign


To the Editor:
So a firm in Texas called Studio 360 wants to redesign the Confederate Flag, which one? No doubt these folks are of the same mindset as the P.C. crowd who finds everything wrong with the Confederate Battleflag. There was no vote by Southerners to get their input, this company automatically assumed it's doing us a favor, it's not. In short, no one asked you to design a new flag for the South; your effort is not appreciated by the majority of Southerners nor wanted.
Your new flag is just an idea on a drawing board you would like to force on the rest of us as an acceptable flag for us without our permission to do so. As usual, how yankee of you to tell Southerners what is best for us. Your flag has no tradition, history or culture & represents no one.
We carry a 150 year old burden of being told what is best for the South & ourselves. We are very, very weary of people who continually pick & peck away at our history, heritage, culture & symbols because they say it's wrong even though we find it very acceptable & representative of us & the past of our forefathers.
Every time a small minority of blacks or white liberals are offended by something that is ours we hear your cries & demands that it be changed. We all find certain parts of the past that we do not especially agree with but, it's called history, get used to it & accept it, it is what it is. We are truly tired of your Nazi / Communistic attempts rewrite history & change America into a dictatorship where a few tell the rest of us how to live, something that was never meant to be.
If you really want to do the South & Southerners a favor do something you have never done before, worry about your own history, heritage, culture & symbols, if you have any worth mentioning or saving & we will worry about ours. What could be more fair or American than this?

Billy E. Price
Ashville, Al.