Thursday, October 22, 2015

Andersonville-Wirz Memorial Service Nov.1


The annual Capt. Henry Wirz Memorial Service will be held Sunday Nov.1 at Andersonville. The event begins at 11:30 AM at the Pope Conference Center at South Georgia Tech on Hwy.49 about 6-1/2 miles south of Andersonville. We will "meet and greet" the Kennedy Brothers from Louisiana. (Ronald & Donald authors of the book "The South Was Right). Also Col. Heinrich Wirz great nephew of Andersonville commandant Henry Wirz may attend. Other dignitaries are attending. After a meal we will travel to Andersonville for the service.  The band "A Joyful Noise" will play Confederate and Southern Gospel music from 2 to 3 PM. The formal memorial service will begin at 3 PM. The speaker will be Ronald Kennedy.  Pre-Registration and payment of $20 per person is required for the Meet & Greet Meal. Send payment to James Gaston 2220 GA. Hwy.30 W. Americus GA. 31719 payable to SCV Camp 78 Wirz Service-Receipt Deadline Oct.26. There is no cost to attend the performance by the band and service beginning at 2 PM at Andersonville. This is the 150th year of the Unconstitutional Military Tribunal Farce Trial and Hanging of Capt. Henry Wirz based on Perjury and Lies. The Americus Sumter County Georgia SCV Camp 78 has held an annual memorial service for Capt. Wirz each year beginning in 1974. This 150th year event will be the highlight. Your attendance and participation is encouraged. For more information call Chairman James Gaston 229-938-9115 or James W. King 229-854-1944. The Albany Georgia SCV Camp 141 is assisting the Americus SCV Camp with promotion of the event.

The highly biased Northern version of Andersonville POW prison is well known but the true facts are not. Commandant Capt. Wirz was arrested and his trial before an unconstitutional post-war military tribunal included the perjured testimony and lies of a Union soldier who had never been at Andersonville. Most defense witnesses were not permitted to testify. His trial was a farce and travesty of justice. He was falsely convicted of murder and conspiracy with high ranking members of the Confederate government to create the Andersonville conditions.

Andersonville was constructed to house 10,000 Union POW's however numbers increased to as high as 45,000 due to a policy by the Lincoln administration to discontinue exchanges. POW's received the same rations and hospital treatment as CSA guards.  A request that Northern doctors and medicine be sent to treat POW's and an effort to buy food distribution utensils was denied. Lincoln made medicine contraband causing suffering and death. Sherman's barbaric war crimes stealing, burning, and destroying food in Georgia was also a major factor that contributed to the human disaster at Andersonville. Prior to the period of greatest mortality the CSA authorities offered to release the POW's without exchange.
Final proof that the human disaster at Andersonville was virtually 100% the fault of the Lincoln Administration comes from statements published post-War in the New York Sun Newspaper. Asst. Sec. of War Dana wrote “CSA authorities and especially Jefferson Davis ought not to be held responsible for Andersonville. We were responsible ourselves for the continued detention of our captives in misery, starvation and sickness in the South” and Gen. Ulysses S. Grant admitted that he had considered the Andersonville POW's expendable.

James W. King
SCV Camp 141 Commander
Albany Georgia