Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Dixie Christmas is coming....does your organization need a program? How bout The Rebel Mountain Story Teller?


Hello folks,

Just a reminder, The Rebel Mountain Story Teller, (that's me) has a new book "Confederate night before Christmas" out now!  This wonderfully illustrated children's book, is a gift from God me, but also to all who can enjoy the story He gave me.

And, I love to visit with the people of the South, telling my Christmas why not contact me, and lets see if we can get together this years.

Also I include my present schedule of speaking engagements...hope if you are in the area, you will come .... but I sure would love to come to your group if it works!

Here's the schedule:

Nov. 3           Charleston Citadel Club – Jay Wallace – -

Nov. 5 – 9       UDC Convention(National) – Sheraton Hotel      Raleigh, North Carolina. (Pam) President - General – mailed to Margaret Sink, 252-459-1765, (60 dollars for Friday and Saturday)

Nov. 9             6:30 Pm Trinity Methodist Church, Rainesville, Al.  (Burnt Church) De Kalb 1824 Rifles, Gary  Carlyle

Nov. 12 -13     ALERT ACADEMY – CHRISTIANITY AND THE FOUNDING OF THE NATION, - 14 hours of instruction,

Nov. 18(?)      ALBERT SYDNEY JOHNSTON CAMP – CHRISTMAS IN THE CONFEDERACY - Sam Kruse at 832-256-4270 –  (Not confirmed yet)

Nov. 21 - 22    Leindo, Texas – CW event –  with  Jed Marun

Nov.  23          Barb's Sorority – Confederate Christmas

Nov. 27           10am – 5 Pm Ft. Worth Civil War Show –11 and 2 "Christmas in the Confederacy, 1861 – 1865"  

Dec. 5              National Civil War Naval Museum, Columbus Ga. – Helen, 706) 327-9798
                        Confederate Christmas  -

Dec. 8              Tallahassee, Florida SCV, Kelly Crocker, (850) 339-3051

Dec. 18            Jefferson Davis Library, Beauvoir, Ms. Kitsee Stevens -  228-388-4400 – Hays Cottage, theatre – Christmas in the Confederacy, Dick Dowling

Dec. 25           Harrisburg Civil War Museum   (not confirmed yet)

Hoping I hear from you...have a terrific fall in the South,

Mark Vogl