Thursday, October 22, 2015

Save Southern Heritage and History

I'm writing today on behalf of "Save Southern Heritage and History".

We are a group of concerned citizens who believe that our nation's true history must not only be preserved, but memorialized for all future generations.  We also know that Southern heritage and history in particular, is today, under attack unlike anything the world has ever seen.  For the first time in our history, there are forces working to erase American history - our Southern history - after first twisting its truth into an unrecognizable story of lies.

Our group is interested in bringing the light of truth to the darkness that is increasing by leaps and bounds, and is engulfing our Southern history in a shroud of fabrications, misrepresentations and hate.

The Founder of "Save Southern Heritage and History", Mr. Chadwick J. Rogers, along with several of his SCV brothers (members of Charles Q Petty Camp 872 in Gastonia, NC), have organized a peaceful march in Washington, D.C. on September 5, 2015 beginning at 11:00am at The Lincoln Memorial.  Permits with the National Department of Parks and Recreation have already been filed and approved.  Guest speakers (6-8) are being lined up and will have the podium at that location from 11:00am to 12:30-1:00pm; at which time, all attendees will peacefully "march" to the outside perimeter of The White House, all carrying the Confederate Battle Flag...a symbol that has unjustly come under fire.

We are adamant about this being a PEACEFUL and RESPECTFUL event.  We will not tolerate hate groups (i.e. KKK, etc) joining our ranks...while we cannot ensure members of those types of groups won't be there amongst us, "incognito", we will have "captains" keeping watch throughout the crowd of attendees and will ask anyone who exhibits hate-speech or behavior, to leave immediately.  Similarly, because of the vitriolic behavior of parallel hate groups that may show up to "protest" our march (i.e. NAACP, Black Panthers, etc), all those attending the march are being instructed to NOT engage in any way, with any protesters...including responding to verbal attacks.  We will keep our dignity in tact.  We will quietly ignore protesters and allow Law Enforcement on the scene to handle anyone who may get out of hand.

Which leads to the purpose of this message to you today.

We need to show not only the "powers that be" in Washington, D.C., but we need to show everyone...everywhere, that we are proponents of truth...and will not sit idly by while our Southern heritage and history are being rewritten into a warped and twisted lie.

We will not sit by while our Confederate Veterans graves and memorials are being vandalized, defaced and disrespected in such vile and unlawful ways.  We will not sit idly by while hateful people/groups attempt to destroy our Southern heritage and history....and erase it.

And we do that by sheer numbers.

Alone, I am just one voice.  Together, we are many...and we will be heard.

We need NUMBERS...we need to march right up to the lawn of the White House, by the HUNDREDS OF show unity and strength as a brotherhood/sisterhood for right.

Those misrepresenting the truth and outright lying about Southern history, seem to have no problem gathering in large numbers (only to make demands while destroying, looting, rioting)'s PAST time that the purveyors of truth stand up, peacefully stand together, and respectfully MARCH, as one.

We need your help.

We ask that you please join us...and encourage your group's members, their friends and families join us in D.C. on September 5th.  We ask that you please share this information with other like-minded folks whose hearts beat "Dixie" and whose souls will always be Southern strong.

Join our group on Facebook and share our page to encourage others to join:

Contact either myself, or Mr. Chadwick Rogers, at with any questions or suggestions...and to hopefully let us know that you and yours will be joining us on September 5th!

Thank you...God Bless America and Long Live the South!

Ginny Meerman
Event Coordinator, MidAtlantic Region
"Save Southern Heritage and History"
Cell (410) 320-8400
Home (410) 212-7943