Saturday, April 13, 2013

Va Flaggers Update: Museum of the Confederacy 4-10-13

Va Flaggers Update:  Museum of the Confederacy 4-10-13
We have received copies of quite a few letters like the one below, and reports of many, many more that were written.  Still, Mr. Rawls continue to boast that the Museum of the Confederacy is thriving and membership is growing.
Have you written your letter?  Send us a copy so we can share with others.  If not, what are you waiting for?  Isn't            365 days without a Confederate Flag flying on the grounds of the Museum of the Confederacy at Appomattox long enough?
From: Beal, Dennis W.
To: ''
Subject: Membership in the MOC
Mr Rawls:
I am responding to your reply to my letter, and want to thank you for responding. Please excuse the e-mail response. 
A few weeks ago I wrote you a letter expressing my complete and total disdain for your decision a year ago to not display the battleflag on the museum grounds. I cancelled my membership to the MOC, after many years, as a result of your decision. 
In your letter to me, you lamented on your long and storied ancestral past with regards to the confederacy and you cited your life membership in the SCV as some sort of legitimization of your convictions and the policy that has resulted in you dishonoring our ancestors by condoning and leading the effort to disregard their battlefield symbol that distinguished them from the enemy. I  quite frankly found your response and justification nothing more than hyperbolas tripe.
I will support the new SCV sponsored Confederate Museum with my annual $1000 per year donation, but I will not support in any way an organization that so blatantly and callously dismisses the memory and sacrifices of our southern veterans. Mr. Rawls, your decision was and is wrong and it has cost the MOC dearly. 
Your completely inappropriate and unwarranted policy to exclude this most storied symbol will also result in me, as the Chief of Staff of the 3000 men in the Texas Division SCV, using all of my lobbying power at my disposal to persuade my fellow compatriots not only in Texas but throughout the confederation to cancel their memberships and not support the MOC.    
It is regrettable that I had to make this decision especially in light of it being entirely avoidable but for a poorly thought out and careless decision by you and the MOC board of directors. 
Dennis W. Beal, Col. USMC (ret)
Are YOU mad enough yet?
Boycott the Museum of the Confederacy. Cancel your membership....and tell them WHY!