Friday, April 19, 2013

Sam Davis Youth Camp June 16-22. Thaxton, Va

Sam Davis Youth Camp June 16-22. Thaxton, Va
Our youths are in dire need of Historically Accurate and FACTUAL history if our culture is to survive beyond our mortal demise. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is offering the Sam Davis Youth camp (boys & girls age 12-20)   experience this summer from June 16-22  in Thaxton,  Virginia as an effort to stymie some of the winds of Political Correctness; however this effort is HOLLOW if you don't support this educational camp via  either donations or sponsorship of a youth.
The Judah P. Benjamin camp 2210-SCV in partnership with the Augusta Jane Evans Wilson chapter 2640-UDC is sponsoring a camper to this great even and is encouraging others to step up and sponsor a youth (or more) from your  area, your camp/chapter/club or your family. Additionally, Augusta Jane Evans Wilson member and Benjamin camp Legionnaire Lunelle Siegel has volunteered to chaperon (as in attend the camp and provide transportation from Florida to Virginia & return) as her SUV is able to accommodate 3 guests. Hopefully, you'll respond to this message with a youth to send to this great investment for the future. Cost is a reasonable $495.00 per camper (includes room & board-Bargain!!) Should we step forward as our Southern ancestors did and  sponsor a higher number of campers, we'll be happy to arrange for a larger vehicle as we're committed to having a contingency of Floridians attend and learn true history from a SOUTHERN PERSPRCTIVE.
If you or your camp already have committed to the Sam Davis camp and we might provide assistance, please contact me at 813-968-6154.
For Youth camp background information, visit or contact  Jack E Marlar    864-862-3946  E-mail:
Great historical read on Sam Davis:
Related:  The Order of the Confederate Rose Florida Society is offering sponsorship of a camper. Please contact President Sylvia  Darby 850-570-6764  or via e-mail at : for more information.
Lets look alive to our opponents and OPPOSE their LIES! 
Deo vindice!
Phil Walters
1st Lt. Commander/Acting Adjutant-Judah P. Benjamin camp 2210, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Commander, 9th Brigade, Florida Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Sponsor: Capt. JJ Dickison "Grey Ghost" 1971 American Motors Javelin