Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Please send an email to the following Parks Study Committee members.

   Sons of Confederate                                            Veterans
SCV  Telegraph

The attacks of our enemies are relentless.  Their determination is only exceeded by their hatred of the things we honor.
As you know, one tactic has been to accuse the SCV of all manner of improper behavior and attempt to peddle these fabrications with law enforcement agencies.  While we reject these accusations that have, for the most part, fallen on deaf ears, it is time for us to speak proactively on the merits of the SCV in our local communities.  Furthermore, the men and women of our sheriffs and police departments, as well as our state troopers deserve a word of thanks for all that they do for their fellow citizens.
With that in mind, please review the following --

This is our new Law Enforcement Appreciation Award. We're asking EVERY CAMP to download this, prepare it in whatever way you deem appropriate and present it to these public servants in your community.
You may present this to an individual or an entire department.  You might want to utilize a regular camp meeting, a special event such as Memorial Day or make this a stand-alone event.  You have the latitude to do this in whatever way you choose, just, please do it!  Likewise, we're asking EVERY DIVISION to make a similar presentation to their highway patrol -- again, either an individual or the agency.
Some key points to remember:
  • Get the most public relations benefit possible -- press release, picture for the local paper, etc.
  • This needs to happen during the week of May 12-18, Law Enforcement Appreciation Week; we want to make this an annual effort
  • Please share your results with us   
That's it.  A relatively simple act can put us on the path to a good relationship with our local and state law enforcement agencies.  Please take advantage of this opportunity.   
Michael Givens                                                          Gene Hogan
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