Monday, April 15, 2013

Confederate Heritage and History Month from HK

Confederate Heritage and History Month

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

There have been so many queries made to me about the events surrounding the Southern Cross on display during Confederate Heritage and History Month, and its removal from display at the State Capitol in Raleigh, North Carolina; what my thoughts are , what am I going to do?

I have read and listened to the insane rantings of the North Carolina State NAACP President William Barber as he is given favor by the media to launch his Yankee discourse that his masters at the NAACP have given him about slavery.  He clearly defines the extent to which he and his kind have stooped to dupe and further disenfranchise the African people in this land as no other organization has done.

See their works against the Honorable Marcus Garvey as he began to repatriate those Africans who chose to return to Africa and rebuild their lives there. See their economic, social, and cultural destruction for Southern Blacks because of their gift of desegregation as Blacks lost business, homes, schools, the ability to discipline our children under the guise of the Christian Bible. In return for what?

And now Southern Black folk are told by this self-appointed organization that claims to speak for all Black folks', to turn a blind eye away from the centuries that Old Glory flew over Yankee owned slave vessels and the Constitution that supported and legalized the economic institution of slavery. To turn their backs on the Southern White man, the one man in the universe who was complicit in the worldwide economic institution of slavery, but who did more to see to their human and spiritual comforts than any other, and of to whom our ancestors responded in kind to their act of benevolence by loyally standing by and with him, protecting, defending, and making the Confederate Battle Flag while earning a place of honor and dignity beside him in the theater of the War for Southern Independence that the Yankee founded public school system fail to make mention of.

When Baker starts talking about the fundamental principles of freedom in our Constitution, let me remind him that it was a majority of Southern men who wrote those words, and Southern men who carried the Christian Cross of St .Andrew into battle because they believed that these words had been put asunder by a man who illegally invade their homeland in violation of them.

The NAACP now practices content discrimination in its rhetoric and written policy against the Confederate Battle Flag, and further breaks the laws of its 501 C3 non- profit status with its attacks upon a Congressional venerated symbol that is the official logo of another 501 C3 nonprofit Heritage organization known as the Sons of Confederate Veterans with the intent to destroy said organization.

I wish that I could have had the funds to post my flag at the State House, and remind the NAACP of how much they really need Confederate History and Heritage Month , and perhaps then they might learn of the Morril Tariff, or the Corwin Amendment, or the Union League and the flag they carried , or of Levi
Carnine, Holt Collier, Napoleon Nelson, or even of the Edgerton brothers who went on a journey some ten years ago don in the uniform of the Southern soldier, carrying his glorious Flag, to the sounds of praise and cheers down Highway 80 ( the Civil Rights highway ) across the Edmund Petus Bridge where King had come along with his many to the sounds of rage and jeers.

And then it came to me that this organization that is full of well-intentioned people who now follow blindly the will of those who come to finish their occupation and siege upon the social, cultural and political aspects of all in the body politic in the Southland of America. God bless you.
Your brother,