Sunday, April 28, 2013


We have won the first phase of the "Jungle Campaign" here in Zimbabwe on de Alabamy back on Mar 14...the judged ruled Todd Kiscaden, Project Engineer, of our Security & Beautification Enhancement of Confederate Circle project...INNOCENT of the charges of criminal harassment brought against him by local domestic terrorist, Rose Sanders!

Now, we begin depositions next week regarding the federal lawsuit KTK Mining of VA has filed against the City of Selma and the Chief of Police...please pray for us!  Our attorneys are very confident that we will prevail in federal court...but we still would appreciate your prayers that RIGHT will win...this lawsuit is based on NO DUE PROCESS and violation of the 1st, 5th and 14th Amendments...

I know y'all have been wondering about the cell phone that belonged to the "person of interest" Sherrette Spicer, member of Rose Sanders Board of Directors of the National Voting Rights Museum, PRIVATELY owned by Rose Sanders.... the informants said they said Sherrette Spicer holding the NBF bust AFTER she had left the cemetery with the bust..that it was taken in a residence or a business.  Sherrette lives on second floor of Rose Sanders owned Slavery Museum on Water Avenue here in Selma...the detectives got a warrant from Judge Bob Armstrong & drove to Montgomery & seized her phone.  The phone was sent to the Ala State Forensics Lab at Ala State University...they could not crack her passcode - then it was sent to the U.S. Secret Service Agency in Hoover, Ala...THEY couldn't crack her passcode...THEN it was sent to the Ala State office of the FBI...THEY couldn't crack her pass code...THEN they sent it to Quantico, VA to the FBI Hqtrs...THEY cracked the pass was sent BACK to Selma Police Dept where they viewed "4000 pictures" on Sherrette's phone...NO PICS OF NBF BUST!!!!  Put on ya surprise face!!!!  Obviously, "somebody" must've tipped her off when the detectives left for Montgomery to seize her phone...sooooooo, she gave them "A phone" ....not necessarily "the phone"!!!!  Guess ole Sherrette is smarter than the average monkey!  The informants have been questioned again recently and they stand by their statement that they saw Sherrette Spicer holding the NBF bust AFTER it was taken from the cemetery....I smell a rat in Zimbabwe on de Alabamy!

I would like to thank EVERYONE who has already contributed toward this effort...mere words cannot adequately express to you how much WE ALL appreciate each and EVERYONE of you who love General Forrest, our precious Southland and hold dear the principles of our Founding Fathers!  I would also like to thank, once again, the Alabama Div SCV for committing $5000 toward the reward to the person who can give information leading to the ARREST and CONVICTION of the perpetrator(s) in the theft of this $9000 bust of NBF...and also, the National            Hdqtrs of the SCV for committing $5000 as well to this the private donors who contributed the rest of the reward offer.

WE have NO intention of "compromising" with the City...their options that were posted in the Selma Times Journal are totally looks like we will proceed to federal court which is set for Nov of this year....any and all contributions  toward this lawsuit will be greatly appreciated. Please make check payable to: NBF Monument Fund and mark the check in the "for" line "FOR LEGAL EXPENSES"...mail check to:

Patricia S. Godwin
Friends of Forrest, Inc.
Fort Dixie
10800 Co. Rd. 30
Selma, Alabama 36701

Other means of contributions are as follows:

Ancestor Pavers to go around the NBF Memorial - $50 ( contact me for form - will send via attachment)
NBF (Friends of Forrest) T-Shirt - $25
DVD- History of NBF Monument Story - $15
8x10 Color Collage of NBF Monument as it stood at the original dedication site (Smitherman Bldg Museum) - $10
Sponsor a period correct wrought iron park bench - $550
Sponsor a bronze plaque to be mounted on the 8-sided pedestal of the NBF memorial - $1200
Sponsor a bronze historic marker - $1500

I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the two people who have already sponsored the two flag $2100 each.  There are just NO words to express to you what is inside my heart!

Make checks payable to NBF Monument Fund - mark check" FOR CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL CIRCLE"

If you have any questions or need further information, don't hesitate to call me at: 334-875-1690.  If I don't answer,            leave a message & I'll call ya back!

Thanks y'all for your continued faithful support of our efforts here in Selma to honor General NB Forrest and to preserve our noble Southern heritage!

Confederately yours,
Pat Godwin