Thursday, April 25, 2013

Confederate Graves & Monument Registration Contest

Compatriots & Friends,
I have communicated with program coordinator Wes Frank. He's informed me the West Coast side & Central Florida is wide open as he has not received any entries from these areas.  Additionally, statewide, it appears second place might not be too difficult to grab as to toss a number out, 25-35 valid registrations could put you into a nice Genuine American Alligator wallet with a retail value of $350-450.00. Not a big number…………..
How about forwarding this message to your camp or chapter members and suggest spending a nice spring day visiting graveyards & recording a number of graves? If you can motive a couple of members to do it, the award could be a camp award (turn in the numbers as a group/camp then draw the winner from the participants). Might also make a couple of personal phone calls in support of motivating members to get out & enjoy the weather. Submissions for contest ends May 20.
Below is the contest and a few links to get you started. The attached files are all information related to the project. (Takes about 20 minutes to fully review) Remember any of the small, older cemeteries with burials prior to 1920 are great targets for a stroll. Take the family & see what you can find.
Have some fun, enjoy the weather & win some nice prizes!
Phil Walters
1st Lt. Commander/Acting Adjutant-Judah P. Benjamin camp 2210, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Commander, 9th Brigade, Florida Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Sponsor: Capt. JJ Dickison "Grey Ghost" 1971 American Motors Javelin