Sunday, April 28, 2013

HERITAGE ALERT!! -- Petition Circulating for the Removal of the Confederate Memorial Carving from Stone-Mountain

During Southern History month and a day before Confederate Memorial Day, I became aware of a movement to "remove the last black eye on the legacy of the great state of Georgia".  A petition was started on April 1st on the petition web site
Very, very sad.  Maybe in the spirit of setting things really right, a movement should be started to remove Lincoln from Mt. Rushmore?
Fortunately, there have only been 3 signers!  But be vigilant, friends, as this is another example that reminding us that there are some who would like
to see all monuments to the sacrifice to our gallant Confederate defenders obliterated, or at the minimum hidden away in remote obscure places, denying
their rightful place in the civic landscape.  And sometimes small voices are the loudest. 
Make an effort to visit your Confederate monument tomorrow, or your States Confederate Memorial Day,  showing the public and civic officials that our monuments are valued, respected and monitored, then send pictures to the newspaper.
Lunelle Siegel
Tampa, FL