Monday, October 27, 2014

The Sin of Slavery


Chuck, if slavery was/is a sin then why would God tell us how to treat slaves fairly & humanely in the bible? Looking back through 21st Century eyes it's easy to say the practice was wrong. However, the average slave was taught to read, write (until abolitionist publications told them to rise up & murder their master & their families) and              taught Christianity.
I doubt seriously blacks would have been better off left in Africa rather than under the care of a Christian master. However when the U.S. government apologizes for not freeing the slaves in America before the ink on the U.S. Constitution dried then I will too but, not until then. This means every one of the yankee states that practiced slavery as well.
I probably won`t then as I`ve never owned any slaves. Doing so would be as stupid & fruitless as apologizing for my English ancestors who treated my Welsh, Scottish & Irish ancestors just as badly, if not worse by selling them into slavery to the American colonies before blacks were ever thought of as being used as slaves.
If slavery apologists are going to apologize for slavery in America perhaps they need to go on a worldwide tour & apologize for the whole worlds slavery practices from the beginning of mankind. The rest of us are tired of the continual harping of those apologists.

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama