Monday, October 13, 2014

Death of a Real Daughter

Death of a Real Daughter
It is my sad duty to inform you that Real Daughter Mattie Clyburn Rice passed away today, September 1, about 3 P M at Hospice House in High Point, N. C.  Truly we that are the descendants of the Confederate Americans have lost a shining star for the Cause.  For she has been a great voice in paying tribute to our Confederate heritage, and especially the black soldiers that faithfully fought for the South.  And now that "Miss Mattie's voice has been stilled there is a great void in our ranks. 

Please remember her children, and all of her extended family in this special time of the need for God's grace and comfort to be showered upon them.

Sincerely in Christ, and
For Their Memory and Cause,

Rev. Dr. W. Herman White,
Chaplain of the N. C. Division, and
Chaplain of the Army of Northern Virginia