Friday, October 24, 2014

New Quantrill-related biography you and your colleages should know about

 I hope you might share the attached flyer and press release with your audiences. It was about 140-years ago when the first biography of William Clarke Quantrill was published. Just a few days ago, the first authoritative biography of his ‘wife,’ Kate King, was released! What a fascinating and mysterious woman. The co-authors spent more than 20 years researching and writing this important book, sure to be a hit with members and followers of your organization.

Thank you in advance for helping to promote the availability of this new biography throughout your network. Perhaps your colleagues in Kentucky and Oklahoma, too, might especially be interested in this book that directly involves their areas? May I humbly ask you to put in a good word with them and share the attached?

David W. Jackson
How shall I live that my family and the community in which I dwell, shall be the better for my having lived?” –Mrs. Kersey (Sarah Chandler) Coates, Kansas City, Missouri