Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Scotland Lost Its Tecent Bid for Independence

I was disappointed that Scotland lost its recent bid for independence. Truly, it was the last grasp for freedom by those gallant and beleaguered people. Perhaps the moment touched the contacts of my secessionist DNA.
It is has been my avocation, my craft and my privilege to spend half my adult life recreating vignettes of times past, especially from the American experience of the 1860's.
As such, I am often asked if I would have preferred to have lived during those vibrant times of our Country's development. Those were perilous days, not so unlike the ones in which we now live and, I am content to play my role upon the specific stage of life to which my Almighty and omnipotent God has assigned me.
However, at least during those days of the War Between the States, there was a chance - a slim chance for the freedom of the Southern people.  Now, as with Scotland all hope is gone. Our distinct and noble culture that has been so diluted and corrupted by northern despotism and ideology that only fleeting traces remain. Still, there was a time, ladies and gentlemen, oh, there was a time.

John Wayne Dobson
Macon, GA