Friday, October 10, 2014

An Open Letter & Open Report Part 1

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Date: Tue, Oct 7, 2014 at 10:21 AM
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report Part 1
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Dear Ms. Lunelle,
Alongside Commander Jim Kennedy of the Rutherford Rifles Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and several of the Camp members we would once again attend the annual Community Fair held in Ellenboro, North Carolina. We would not only answer many questions from the patrons for the five day affair who would stop to pose for pictures with us, but the Commander was in full gear as he would actively recruit potential members for the Camp.

 I would receive an invitation to speak to the students of Glenwood Christian Academy located not for from the fairgrounds. I would accept the invitation from Rev. Jason Tomey, and on Friday, September 19, 2014, before attending the Fair, Commander Kennedy and our delegation of Camp members donned in the uniform of the Southern soldier would deliver a speech to the academy, and the students would surprise us as they all stood and accompanied us in the singing of Dixie. Afterwards the students would be allowed to fire several volleys of the soldiers rifles, and would present to me a card thanking me for coming out to speak to them, and to boot give me a generous donation as well. 

The only thing that would dampen this festive five day event was to learn that the young Black man who would wrestle at the event as the Southern Avenger while donned in his Confederate Battle Flag regalia, and who we would escort to the ring each year; had been shot in the back and killed as he worked as a bouncer at a night club by an unruly customer that had been asked to leave the club. He will truly be missed , and may God bless and accept him into his kingdom.

My next stop would be the War Between the States Heritage Weekend titled Rebellion in the Hills at Chief Logan State Park in Logan, West Virginia held on September 27th - 28 , 2014 which will be part 2 of my report later this week that will be followed by the report of last weekends visit to Oxford, Mississippi where  the University of Ole Miss Chancellor would put himself above the law by disobeying a Court injunction not to change the names of the streets on campus so named with Confederate listings. God bless you!
                                   Your brother,