Saturday, October 11, 2014

Take advantage of a $31.11-to-$1 match to save 304 acres of Hallowed Ground!

Civil War Trust
Save Harpers Ferry
The Civil War Trust has an incredible opportunity to save 304 acres of hallowed ground at eight battlefields in three different states. These key parcels at places like Shiloh, Bentonville, and White Oak Road, were fought on by a veritable cavalcade of Civil War notables including Sherman, Longstreet, Hancock, Forrest, and Joshua L. Chamberlain—just to name a few—in battles that resulted in more than 60,000 casualties. This is hallowed ground indeed.
Thanks to an unprecedented $31.11-to-$1 match, the Trust has raised 96.8% of the more than $3.1 million needed to save this land. With your help, we can raise the remaining $101,700 and save this ground for generations to come.
Save Fredericksburg

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