Thursday, October 16, 2014



To the Editor:
I think the history of the Democrat Part has been one of destroying America from within slowly but, surely. Their socialist political goals have been reached after more than 150 years of piece meal, chipping away of the national   fabric of the founding fathers Constitutional Republic.
The presidential election of 1860 which saw the Republican Abraham Lincoln elected & with his leadership of total war against the South, the Democrat Party changed forever from the concept Thomas Jefferson envisioned this party to be.
Under Reconstruction ex – Confederate soldiers & politicians were politically disenfranchised & could not vote or run for political office for the next 13 years. Add to this the next 100 years that saw most Southerners scratching a living from small farms or share-cropping under the oppressive economic yoke of the north with little to no economic "reconstruction" of the Southern economy & no opportunities available.
It`s easy to see that after a few generations after the Civil War in the South that their political motive would be to get anything & everything from the northern controlled U.S. Government that they could. Getting social programs was one avenue which they excelled in.
Of course liberal democrats in the north sided with them albeit, for different reasons & did not recognize the Southern Democrats motivation was getting even with the north by any means possible if not collapsing the U.S. government from within. Who can really blame them as the reunification of the South into the U.S. was accomplished at the barrel of a gun & without open arms welcoming them back into the Union as equal states & American citizens?
As Southern Democrats could not defeat the liberal ideas of the north on the battlefield they fought it the only way they could, from in through their forced reunion into the U.S. Government & by fanning the destructive flames of northern liberalism to gain the scraps they could from the north for the South.
The only trouble is, those Southerners who are alive today are suffering along with the rest of America because of those democrats ideas of bleeding the U.S. treasury with through those social programs of the last 150 years. As a matter of fact all of us are paying for those ideas in spades today.
Billy E. Price

Ashville, Al.