Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Copperhead Movie

Brothers & sisters,

I recently viewed the new war movie Copperhead.  I came away having understood its lessons loud and clear
It is the very sober story of a small town in upper New York where imperfect Christians struggling to live peaceably with fellow neighbors find themselves deeply divided over the Civil War.  It is not your typical Hollywood action orgy with unbelievable heroes, ridiculous war action, and lurid romance scenes.  In fact, it is rather simple, plain, and for many likely boring . . . should they be addicted to unending violence and blarney.  There is not one battle scene in this movie . . . imagine that.   The characters are period accurate, ordinary, down to earth, and not unlike any of us, with a mixture of weaknesses and strengths, which makes the movie all the more real and for me riveting, as I could easily put myself in their shoes and relate to their struggles and heartaches.     

Here is an in depth write-up of the movie:  Copperhead, Ron Maxwell at his finest

I recommend you watch it, for I do not think that we a very far off from a similar scenario in our nation where neighbor will be divided against neighbor over major issues that will lead to confrontations of life changing magnitude.

Thomas McConnell