Monday, July 1, 2013

The Real Racists

To the Editor:
Since Sen. Hank Sanders & Civil Rights groups don`t get it over allying themselves with Louis Farrakhan let me spell it out.
They claim that the monument being erected to Gen. Forrest in Selma`s Live Oak Cemetery is racist even though Gen. Forrest has been dead nearly 150 years & the monument itself is just a piece of stone. Now, listen very, very closely so you do not continue to spread your false interpretation of the history of Gen. Forrest.
Gen. Forrest was accused of being the Grand Wizard of the first KKK with the keyword being "accused." A congressional hearing by the United States Congress (the north) found him innocent. So please stop with the lies in pursuit of furthering your modern-day political agenda`s at the expense of a dead man who cannot defend himself.
Don`t use the Ft. Pillow incident either & call it the massacre of black soldiers as they were given a chance to surrender & live just as were white soldiers in the same situations. They refuse to surrender & chose instead to continue the battle & were killed, just like many white solders were when they refused to surrender, nothing racist about this.
Now, after all the hell raising about a stone monument in Selma by Hank Sanders & his wife Rose, they bring in a real life fire breathing racist who`s only goal is to see all Jews & white people dead yet, we are the racists because of something that happened a 150 years ago & not in our lifetime? There's no common sense in that connection whatsoever.
The only message sent by Hank Sanders inviting Louis Farrakhan to retain the special privileges sections of the Voting Rights Act are, Civil Rights groups now believe in the same things Louis Farrakhan & the Nation of Islam believe & that's the complete annihilation of whites & Jews or anyone who is not a Black Muslim.
We can at least be thankful that after all these years these groups have dropped the pretense of being for Civil Rights for everyone & shown their true colors.
Billy E. Price
Ashville, Al.