Thursday, July 18, 2013

Southern patriotism is NOT a reenactor thang!

To the men of Liberty:

For most of my life I have thought that fields of war are the most tragic things in life.  Thousands of men dead and dying, whole men torn to pieces, life's blood adding colors to a landscape once beautiful.

But I never knew what it looked like when a nation died.  I had never conceived of it in the case of America, and so could not know the heart ache and disappointment.  When I was born the republic was still on the rise, and though the Yankees had done their damndest to crush the spirit of Liberty when they occupied the South,  they had failed.  Liberty was blossoming not only in the South, but the plains states, and even unto California. 

There is no question the field had shifted in America, but for the most part, people still believed in God, not in government.  But with every new "bene,"  every new bribe another America was seduced to materialism and away from God.  Slowly at first, but then in bigger chunks the powers of the states were assumed by the federal government.  The states lost control of the Guard, lost control of welfare policies, lost control of their lands.   The creation of the U.S. Department of Education should be seen as a landmark in the decline of the states as independent partners in the union.

I am writing this letter in an attempt to make those in the "history and heritage" preservation organizations, and those who reenact understand that the battle is at hand.  It is not in the past, it is not on battlefields we know, but on battlefields of today and now.

I am writing to advise you that some of us are working to create a new political party, one to replace the Republicans.  Fittingly we are presently calling it the Dixiecrat party.  To find it on the internet go to

As it says on the page, our party is not a purely Southern party, many Heartland states are more like those of the old South than say much of Florida and Virginia.  Our party's foundations are clear and easily identified; Belief  in a Christian God and the Bible, belief in the original Constitution and the republic form of national governance, opposition to the New World order, belief in national capitalism, but not open borders to cheap foreign goods.

It is my belief that southern heritage organizations like the SCV have been infiltrated by social liberals who know that the Charge of the SCV is anathema to every thing going on in America today.  It is my belief that if you read and support the Confederate Constitution just about every federal program in existence today is contrary to it, and to the original Constitution.  It is my belief that threats of "they will take our not for profit tax status away" combined with pointing to the corrupted organizational constitution has pretty much made the SCV impotent in "defending heritage and history."  The SCV has become nothing more than a big reenactor group, and southern tea party get together. 

The SCV is NOT vindicating the Cause.

The fight for the very life of liberty is at hand.  Every minute you waste in Confederate gray is a minute you have given the most ardent opponents of God and the South.

The Cause is more important now, more precious now, more needed now than in any time in the nation's brief history.  It can't be a Cause clothed in slavery or racism.  It has to be a Cause clothed in Christ.  The Southern Cause was, in most respects, the best that God has offered man.  It deserves to be actuated, lived now, not preserved like a fruit in jar in a pantry.  For me the Confederate battle flag is not a beautiful symbol of some bygone day, but the colors I am most proudest of right now for today.

For those of you who are the liberal infestations, the grannies, talk bad about me all you want.  I am not the issue, the issue is the future of liberty and the Cause.

God Bless the South,
Mark Vogl, Black sheep