Tuesday, July 9, 2013

NB Forrest Birthday Celebration, Sunday July 14, 2:00

Send this to all of your friends!!

Ladies and Gentlemen –

Please look over the messages below again from Lee and myself regarding the Forrest Birthday celebration. This has now been re-posted on various Southern Heritage blogs, Facebook pages and forwarded out to who knows how many people. I wanted to forward it back out to all of you – because considering how many people I overheard in Hernando and other places who were genuinely excited about being there, with the attention the Parks issue has gotten from TN Division SCV and National, it is very likely that we will have quite a crowd in Forrest Park on the 14th. I believe and expect that this will be an event that we will all remember for a very long time.

Perhaps there are those of you who we have NOT given enough of a reason to be there. I received a message from Dore Dorris of the UDC Gayoso Chapter today. In addition to the usual Forrest Birthday celebration, the ladies of the UDC will be RE-DEDICATING the Forrest Monument on the same day. This year marks the 108 year anniversary of the original dedication, and there will be ladies from all over the state of Tennessee and of course Mississippi, and other areas too I suspect to be a part of this and to show that we all care about the parks and care about history; ACCURATE history, not re-written or erased – and not just people in this area.

Again, I would ask that you take the time, deal with the weather (since we'll all be doing that anyway), show your SOUTHERN PRIDE and be there. Bring a flag if you like. This year above ALL years. Invite your friends and anybody you meet of like mind. Tell them what we're doing and invite them to come. The local media certainly won't. They're hoping for it not to be newsworthy. So is the City leadership. So are a lot of other assorted other ne'er do wells and enemies of the cause.

What will YOU do?

See you there!

Deo Vindice!!