Monday, July 8, 2013

BE THERE for the Forrest Birthday

Gentlemen and Ladies,

Mike Daugherty, in his message below, has said it all, and eloquently.  BE THERE for the Forrest Birthday.

Please read all of this, And please pass this on to all your members:

One of the Memphis City councilmen stated that:

"We can change the park names (Forrest Park, Confederate Park, Jefferson Davis Park) to something less offensive.  Besides NO ONE CARES ABOUT SOUTHERN HISTORY ANYWAY."

Do you care ????    Did your ancestors care?   You betcha -- to the utmost.

Are we going to sit by and let the city tell us that our history and our ancestors don't count ?
Are we going to sit by and NOT be there for the Forrest Birthday celebration ?
Are we going to sit by and let the city council think that there is no one out here ?
Are we going to sit by and let the council think that they can dictate an erasure of Confederate history ?  And get away with it ?

I hope your answer is a resounding NO.

We need to show them, by our presence in the park, every Confederate, every FLAG, every musket, every Southern belle, every historian, and every Southern descendent in the region.

Please be there,  Sunday, July 14, 2:00 pm.    See below.

Lee Millar
"In the trenches against city hall, and waving my flag"