Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Point Lookout

The PLPOW / DOPL observance of the horrors of the P.O.W. camp and the perseverance and determination of our ancestors that were there and lived through it or died is this coming weekend at Point Lookout Maryland. This is the largest P.O.W. camp the northern scum had. You probably had an ancestor there. We gather to honor our ancestors, the most important people in our family history. We do not, nor do we pretend to follow some modern person that quit this most sacred and worthy cause and is no longer worthy of the honor that would have accompanied their observance and participation in this event. Our allegiance is with the cause that our valiant ancestors fought and not with the modern turn-tails we observe every day!  We WILL honor our ancestors this Friday and Saturday! Please join us! If you are eligible but are not members, please consider joining us. www.plpow.com