Sunday, July 28, 2013


Never before has the SLRC needed support as much as now, but never have we been more relevant to the cause of freedom than now. When people are hurting financially they tend to listen better. That's why the very costly expense process of appealing to the Supreme Court in the Candice Hardwick case is so important. We have been very, very busy preparing, researching and formatting the appeal and out of pocket costs are about $8,000. The higher up the legal food chain you get - the more expensive it gets. Our deadline was June 22 and Chief Trial Counsel Lyons made the decision to file the writ and put the bill on his own credit cards. It was either that or not file. WE have been building the Hardwick case since 2006 and it is important to finish what we start. So now, do we leave Lyons out to dry and pay the Hardwick bills, or do we pitch in and help him with as generous a donation as we can afford? Without more support we can't continue to do what we do here. We can't help the freedom loving people that call or write to us seeking our help without YOU! There are many smaller cases out there that need help and support just as much as the bigger ones but they simply don't have folks that will get behind them and send in a donation to help us help them.

In addition to the Hardwick case we have given important assistance to the General Forrest Park lawsuit in Memphis, we have donated our time to this effort.

Things are worse for every freedom loving citizen. Yes we in the Confederate community could tell our ignorant fellow-citizens "I told you so," because our ox has been gored for years by the same government abuse that everyone suffers from now. But like we said - people are listening now - this is a time of great opportunity for the Confederate community. We must continue to jump into the fight and continue to give to the cause of Confederate and American liberty. Are you up to it? This is no time to rest, no time to retire - And this is no time to neglect the SLRC - your faithful champion for Confederate liberty since 1995.

Thomas Lee Willis, Executive Director and the SLRC staff

PS: We are investigating a very interesting case of a Black Confederate banned from a small Southern town because of his display of the Confederate Battle flag - stay tuned!

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