Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why is there a monument in Indianapolis, Indiana Honoring Confederate Veterans?

It is because of a War between the States Prisoner of War Camp located in Indianapolis called Camp Morton and the 1,616 Confederate Veterans buried there. Buried in a mass grave at Lot 32 in Crown Hill Cemetery known as Confederate Mound of Confederates who died while they were prisoners of war. The buried are very diverse: Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanic, and soldiers from all thirteen states of the Confederacy.
The monument was erected in 1912 by the Federal Government to honor these men. It has been through over one hundred Indiana winters, and it has been over forty years since any maintenance or upkeep has been done. This unique monument north of the Ohio River is in dire need of restoration!
Renowned artist and sculptor Gary Casteel in consulting with us to make this a first class restoration. Gary is also the Camp Commander of the Pvt. John Wesley Culp Memorial Camp 1961 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. For a review of his wonderful work, including President Jefferson Davis, General James Longstreet among others, please look at his website: www.graycasteel.com.
This needy restoration is the reason for this contact to you. We, the members of the William D. McCain Camp 584 Sons of Confederate Veterans here in the Indianapolis area are working with the Indy Parks Department, and the Indy Parks Foundation to raise money to restore the monument honoring these Confederate Veterans.
Would you help? It is very likely that these deceased prisoners are from your state and likely that there may be one of your ancestors or a friend or unit member of your ancestor buried at Confederate Mound and honored by the monument. We are asking for any help your camp or division may be able to provide to make this project a reality. To make secure on line donations go to www.indyparksfoundation.org and click on donate or you can mail your donations to:
Indy Parks Foundation
615 N. Alabama St. Suite 119
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
All donations will be held by the Indy Parks Foundation, a 501(c) 3 entity and are tax deductible through them. Make ALL donations care of: Garfield Park Confederate POW Project. For more information on the monument or the veterans buried at Crown Hill Cemetery please contact Brian Blevins at 317-217-0243 or e-mail at blblevins@live.com.
If you want more information on the monument go to our Facebook page at Confederate POW Monument Restoration, or go to page 63 in the September/October 2014 issue of Confederate Veteran Magazine.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


The Indiana members of the William D. McCain Camp 584.