Sunday, November 23, 2014

Virginians clash over removal of Confederate flag: 'Then you need to go back to Africa!'

Susan Hathaway: PUNCTUATION MATTERS, PEOPLE. This quote is completely inaccurate and obviously designed to incite and inflame. In fact, the SCV member says, "Then you need to go back to Africa and tell them to stop." , referring to the fact that Africans were (and still are) responsible for selling other Africans into slavery. He NEVER told anyone at the press conference "You need to go back to Africa"

This post needs to be removed, a correction posted, and an apology offered to the gentleman who has been misquoted.

Actual transcript from video, from WSET:
"Your own ancestors sold you into slavery. Yes they did," Clark said.

"It doesn't make right. It doesn't mean you're right to take people," Danville resident Kevin Moore said.

"Well then you need to go back to Africa and tell them to stop," Clark said.

"Well I'm confronting you. You're involved in the crime too," Moore replied.

"Oh I'm not involved in anything," Clark said.