Saturday, November 29, 2014

Gentlemen of the South


It seems that the Sons of Confederate Veterans has awoken to the political reality that re-enactments, parades and cleaning cemeteries will not be sufficient to reverse the continuous, savage, winner-take-all attacks against Southern heritage, history and values.

During my 19 years with the Sons of Confederate Veterans I was blessed to be able to travel the South and speak to almost 100 camps in all the states of the old Confederacy but Missouri.  During that time I was joyous at the quality of the people I met in the camps.  The people I met were Christians, family value people who knew their history, loved their community and the South and wanted to change the course of America.  The folks I met were always welcoming, always kind, always quick to give a compliment and encouragement.

So it was a shock when I rose through the ranks in Texas Division politics to find people who possessed few of the above mentioned qualities.  Most importantly, the people I ran into were grannies who did not see the real challenge to Heritage Defense and its relationship to the state of modern day America.  Or, more likely, saw them...and were active in the SCV to prevent it from taking its rightful place as a spokesman for the Constitution!

Unfortunately, I learned that the Sons of Confederate Veterans does NOT abide by the First Amendment, and thus I was kicked out for statements I made concerning the lack of commitment, the unwillingness to rally to the colors in causes that were essentially political.  I was told the SCV could not participate in politics...that is wrong.  But not the point of this email.

I have written three books about the War for Southern Independence, a fourth is at Pelican Publishing and will be released Christmas 2015.

The books available right now are:

The Military Lessons of the Civil War.  20.00

The Rebel Mountain Reader  20.00

Southern Fried Ramblings with Grits and All the Fixin's  15.00

The last book is focused on the modern South and the Southern movement.  It is a book that should help you consider the fights the South is in today.  My good friend Donnie Kennedy wrote the forward for this book.

If you should want one or more of these books please make out a check to Mark Vogl for the price of the book(s) plus two dollars for postage and send it to PO Box 825, Gilmer, Texas 75644

Additionally, I invite to visit and join the Confederate War College on Facebook. This page is dedicated to working on the issues which face the South today.  And...also, I invite you to visit Nolan Chart at Nolan Chart -   Political commentary for every viewpoint    I have been writing on this site since January 2010.  My column America Today has more than 400 articles, a good many of these articles address the ongoing Culture War.

I know there are many dedicated Southerners in the SCV.  I know many of them hold, or held high positions in the SCV.  I know there has been a granny underground active within the organization constantly placing obstacles in front of true Southern patriots who want to vindicate the Cause.

As the crisis in this nation continues to build, hopefully the great majority of members in the SCV will join together to pursue courses of action that make the SCV combat ready in the ongoing Culture War.  I am,

Your Obedient Servant,

Mark Vogl