Friday, November 21, 2014

Campaign 1776 Begins Preservation at Princeton!

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Civil War Trust
Princeton 2014
Campaign 1776's First Preservation Opportunity
With his back to the Delaware River and the British army in front of him, George Washington planned to build on his recent victory at Trenton. On the night of January 2, 1777, he led his men on a march around Cornwallis's flank toward Princeton, New Jersey. British troops spied Washington's column the following morning and moved to block the Americans. The Redcoats got the better of Washington's men in a brief firefight, sweeping the Continentals from the field with a bayonet charge. Washington, however, rallied the Americans, and launched a counterattack that not only won the day, but gave new life to the army he commanded.
In the inaugural effort of our special project, Campaign 1776, the Civil War Trust is now working to preserve 4.6 acres of the Princeton battlefield. Adjacent to the Princeton Battlefield State Park, this land was crossed by British troops in the early phase of the battle and again during their retreat in the battle's climactic moments. Bringing our experience and history of success in preserving hallowed ground to this campaign, the Civil War Trust hopes to save the battlefields where America was forged and, at Princeton, to add to the number of acres preserved at the site of this important victory in the war for American independence.
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