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From the Trenches: Civil War Trust November 2014

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Civil War Trust

Preservation News - November 2014

479 Acres of Endangered Land at Chancellorsville

We've saved 40,000 acres—Help us save more at Chancellorsville!

From Our President

Jim Lighthizer Photo
November 2014
Dear Dedicated Preservationist,
As we announce a milestone previously thought unimaginable, please know that I am, above all, eternally grateful for the generous support of each and every one of you. Without your contributions, the Trust would be nowhere near saving the amount of land we've now preserved—more than 40,000 ACRES! That's the entire land area of Richmond, Va.! And none of it would have been possible without your unending generosity.
But, as I'm sure you know all too well, battlefield land continues to lie vulnerable to all kinds of unseemly development. That's why I am so pleased to announce our most recent campaign to save 479 acres of irreplaceable hallowed ground at Chancellorsville—a tract so vast that it encompasses the land both farthest west and farthest east of any acres previously saved at the Flank Attack, as well as nearly doubling the amount of land saved at this part of the battlefield!

By saving 479 acres at the most historically significant unprotected acreage at Chancellorsville, land that has been in the bull's eye of development for many years–by quickly taking advantage of perhaps the last chance to work with a cooperative developer to create a win-win situation where we get to save nearly 500 acres of hallowed ground while they get to build homes on nearby-but-not-historic land–you and I can save an irreplaceable piece of our nation's heroic past that, if we do not act, could become just another mass of ugly suburban sprawl.

The Civil War Trust has never had a better opportunity to save this much supremely significant battlefield land at Chancellorsville, and to help complete the story of one of America's most important battlefields.

Learn More About Chancellorsville »
- Jim Lighthizer, Civil War Trust President

Completion of North Anna Acquisition Pushes Civil War Trust Past 40,000 Acre Milestone

Acre Milestone Reached In May, we were excited to announce a major project at North Anna because it would protect nearly the entirety of that May 23, 1864 battlefield. In October, we were overjoyed when closing that landmark transaction pushed us past the 40,000 acre mark for saved land!

Saving Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek This new website tells the history of the Cedar Creek Battlefield, highlights the partnerships that helped make preservation possible—and provides a platform for future preservation initiatives.

127 Acres Transferred to Virginia State Parks

Civil War Trust Facebook Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe presided over a ceremony formally accepting the Trust's transfer of 127 battlefield acres to the Commonwealth at Sailor's Creek Battlefield Historical State Park and High Bridge Trail State Park.

Election of 1864

Civil War Trust Facebook As the nation prepares to head to the polls next week, we look back at the pivotal presidential election of 1864, when the war effort hung on the ballot box and Abraham Lincoln's second term was far from a certainty.

Save Hallowed Ground While Shopping

Amazon Smile Support the Civil War Trust every time you shop online with AmazonSmile. Visit, enter the Civil War Trust and start shopping. Amazon will donate .5% of the price of eligible purchases to the Civil War Trust.

November Civil War Battles

November Civil War Battles Expand your knowledge of the Civil War by learning more about some of the Civil War battles that occurred in the month of November. Access our history articles, photos, maps, and links for the battles listed below.

Dispatches from the Front Lines

Civil War preservation news from around the country
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Your Preservation Legacy

Guide to Legacy Giving
Estate planning can help you make a significant preservation impact without any cost to you during your lifetime.

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