Saturday, November 1, 2014



I was at the 150th anniversary of the battle of Atlanta when a vendor selling DVD's handed me a card advertising the new film, "Field of Lost Shoes." It looked good and I had always been interested in the Battle of New Market so when I got home I looked up the official trailer on You Tube.  It did not take the narration long to declare the War was "over slavery" and soon enough one V.M.I. character declared, "we should not be fighting to keep people in chains…"
Must we get beat over the head by the same tired ol' slavery issue with every depiction of the War and especially those that showcase our Southern history?   Another You Tube site I checked had a representative of V.M.I. carefully making the point that the cadets at New Market never carried the Confederate battle flag. That is likely accurate but what is he ashamed of - did the cadets not assault Federal lines and fight for the South?   I guess I am disappointed in the film even before I have had a chance to see it.
At every turn our beloved Southern heritage is slandered, perverted and told from a Northern viewpoint, but I categorically and forever refuse to act ashamed, nor cower in the shadows with a despicable apology on my lips for ancestors who "need no pardon for anything they've done."