Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SCV Telegraph- Announcement-Strain

   Sons of Confederate Veterans
                                               Heritage Rally 2014
Fellow Compatriots,
I hope that you and your families are doing well so far in this New Year. As we have reached 2014 we have also reached the middle of the Sesquicentennial of the War of Southern Independence. We as an organization are at a pivotal point as we move forward. I firmly believe that with proper leadership we can continue to be a front runner as a "Historical Honor Society" after this five year celebration of our beloved ancestors.
After much thought and discussion with my family and close brethren within the SCV I am offering my services in July of 2014 to serve you as your Lt. Commander in Chief of our organization. Please visit my website . On it you will find my platform on how we can improve on the things we do today and also some fresh new ideas and plans to increase our numbers so that the SCV will be here for generations to come.
I feel like I have the experience as a person that has held many offices from the Camp, Division, and Army levels to enhance the office of Lt. CiC. I also bring the experience of being self employed for over twenty years to the table. The SCV is a business and we need to run it as such.
Having been one of the GEC officers that worked with the Vision 2016 from day one I am dedicated to make this program a success. Gentlemen I can't do this alone. I am going to need your help and support as I venture into this endeavor and I will be calling on many of you soon to gather your input and ideas. I will not only being asking for your endorsement, I will also be asking you to make plans to travel to Charleston, SC to vote! Today more than ever we have a chance to change business as usual.
I am well aware that we are only a few months from the last elections but I would like to let my intentions be known prior to any other announcements that may come out in the future.
Please feel free to contact me at anytime!

Tom V. Strain Jr.
256.729.6055 (office)
256.990.5472 (mobile)

Sons of Confederate Veterans | PO Box 59 | Columbia | TN | 38402