Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fwd: Opportunity at South Mountain

Civil War Trust
Opportunity at South Mountain

Opportunity at South Mountain

Early on September 14, 1862, five North Carolina regiments under General Samuel Garland, Jr. hunkered down behind a stone wall at Fox's Gap in South Mountain. Shortly after dawn, General Jacob Cox's division of the Union Ninth Corps advanced toward their position, threatening to push the Tar Heels out of the gap and, more importantly, threatening Robert E. Lee's perilously sprawling army. Garland's stiff resistance forced the Yankees to deploy the balance of the Ninth Corps. Additional Confederate brigades joined the fight, waging a day-long defense that claimed the lives of two generals, Union General Jesse L. Reno and the Confederate commander, General Garland. Though forced to withdraw, the Confederates bought Lee valuable time to mass his army near Sharpsburg, setting the stage for the bloodiest single day in American history--the Battle of Antietam.

The Civil War Trust now has the opportunity to preserve a key portion of Fox's Gap, where some of the heaviest fighting of the battle occurred. Virtually surrounded by preserved land, this 45.5-acre tract represents a significant "donut hole" in the South Mountain battlefield--one the Trust has been anxious to preserve for many years. With your support, we can now complete and protect this part of South Mountain for future generations.