Friday, February 21, 2014


Dear SHVN Friends,
"DAMNYANKEE" vs "DAMNED YANKEE" ~ I see a few people use "damnyankee" once in a while which is a fairly new term and it is completely secular in nature and usually is used as one word.  The second term "damned yankee" is a religious point of view. So long as there are people who proudly consider themselves descendants of yankees who committed genocide against the Southern people, the Southern people will consider them damned yankees and a people with whom they do not want to share nationhood.
The original term "damned yankee" was not intended as a profane curse or even as an insult against a northerner or yankee, rather it was a religious observation using the term "damned" in its full religious and Biblical sense of "one who does not have salvation in Christ and will suffer the second death through the punishment of eternal fire in hell." It first appeared as a proper religious judgment on northerners and yankees who were not Christian.
There were so many atheist yankees and northerners who supported the genocide against the Southern people supporting the atheist yankees that many Southerners began using the Biblical term "damn" along with their proudful self-description as an atheist "yankee." The original term was "damned yankee" because of their unbelief in God, and it may be used by gentlemen, but the term "damnyankee", one word as used by some folks, is not a gentlemans reference to a yankees religious infidelity to God. In this case it is used to show contempt for the murderous pillaging pagans who made war on Southern Christendom seizing our cities and killing Southern children, women and our senior family members we call "our elderly."
Northerner's should be offended every time they hear the term "damnyankee", BUT they should not be offended at the person using the term but at their ancestors who distinguished themselves so violently in inhumanly that even   foreigners called them "damnyankee." Not all northerners supported the industrial damned invasive materialists of the new USA Imperial order. Those with a heritage of "Northern Copperheads" should be proud and should continue to oppose the Imperial fascist use of the USA military. This is why yankees are considered by Southerners and many Europeans to "have no culture." Yankees replaced their culture with Statism and the foul stench that follows genocidal empires. Today those who follow and support the yankee form of government may vote Republican or Democrat and are recognized as Statist Cultists; however, most of them are not educated enough to recognize the evils of the Cult of Statism.
Generally I let this secular use of profanity pass on my pages due to the immoral extremist violence committed against our Southern people by imperial extremists. Sometimes some people as just so evil that they name has come to be universally understood as a curse word. Among traditional Southern Christians and Southern atheists the term "damned yankee" is always acceptable when it is recognition of northern religious infidelity.  Think about it. Southern atheists for 150 years have looked down their noses at northern atheists saying that the yankee is destined for damnation. Traditional Southern Christians are even more condemnatory of the yankee genocidalists.