Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fwd: SCV Telegraph- Announcement-Gramling

   Sons of Confederate Veterans
                                               Heritage Rally 2014

Gentlemen of the Army Of Trans-Mississippi,

Our commemoration of The Sesquicentennial of the War Of Northern Aggression will be coming to a close very soon. The events and activities of this hallowed time will be a memory and fade into our own history. The Sons Of Confederate Veterans has been able to maintain its membership, with a slight growth, as well as place ourselves in the "spotlight" (to some degree) in the eyes of the public and media.

At the close of our final event next year in 2015, what will be the goals of the SCV?
You can rest assured our enemies will "turn up the heat" as never before. It is imperative there are members serving on the General Executive Council.......strong and capable of addressing the issues of Recruiting/Retention and Heritage Defense/Offense.

At our National Reunion in Charleston, SC, I will be standing for the office of ATM Councilman. I believe my record shows that I am one of those men, strong and capable, to serve the membership of the ATM. I want to work with the Divisions, Brigades and Camps within the ATM, to make it the most productive Army in the most honorable organization known to us today.......The Sons Of Confederate Veterans.

I have listed a part of my record below for the few of those who do not know me.
Thank you for you consideration and support.

1994 - 1998, 2002 - 2004....Commander, Gen. Richard Taylor Camp, 1308
1998 - 2000.....Commander, LA Division
2000 - 2002.....ATM Commander
2004 - 2006.....National Chief Of Heritage Defense
2006 - 2008.....ATM Heritage Defense Chairman
2008 - 2010.....ATM Councilman
2012 - 2014.....ATM Heritage Defense Chairman

In The Bonds Of The South,
Paul Gramling, Jr.
phone : 318-294-1563


Sons of Confederate Veterans | PO Box 59 | Columbia | TN | 38402