Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Missouri State Flag

There is a bill in the house that would apparently authorize a change to our Missouri State Flag.  I am attaching several links in this email.  I am getting conflicting data as to whether the bill would authorize a change only to the "seal", to standardize it, or ... allow for a wholesale change to the flag.  As you know, our state flag encompasses the same Missouri State Seal that was on the Missouri State Guard flag... so we should be very against a change.  Please contact not only your state representative to voice your opposition to this, but also the bill's sponsor, shown below. 
Missouri State Representative Jeff Roorda - 113th District.   See his info at: 
This is the crazy, nutcase world we are living in and I do believe me must make our voices heard.
Please share this immediately with your camp memberships.
Darrell Maples - Commander
MO Division - SCV