Thursday, February 27, 2014

Republican Party of Lincoln

My SHNV Compatriots,
Posted below is a letter I just finished composing and sending to the editor of the newspaper in the adjoining county. I think it will be published as a Letter To The Editor.  Please understand that I was firm but still had to use tact concerning the modern Republican Party. If I can just accomplish getting the event renamed and to some degree educate the members of this Republican Party group I will consider it a victory.  Comments?
James King
SCV Camp Commander
Albany Georgia

According to a recent announcement in the Lee County Ledger, former Republican Congressman Allen West from South Florida will be a guest speaker at a dinner to be held Feb.27 by the Lee County Republican party.
I encourage attendance and consider Mr. West to be one who's forthcoming speech will be worthy of the attendance and attention of all who are concerned about the current political situation and the future of America.
However I strongly oppose the event being called a "Lincoln Dinner".  I encourage the renaming of the event to a much more appropriate name that being a "Ronald Reagan Dinner".
The Lincoln that most Americans think they know is a mythical Lincoln who has been elevated to near Demi-God status by dishonest Northern historians over the past 150 years. The real Lincoln is virtually unknown by most Americans as a result of this dishonest and extremely biased Northern history which is essentially propaganda.

Former Confederate General Patrick Cleburne warned Southerners of the consequences of subjugation prior to his death in Nov.1864. "The history of the war will be written by Northern historians and taught by Northern teachers to Southern children who will be influenced by history to regard their ancestors as traitors and fit objects of derision". His prophecy and warning has certainly been correct in many cases.
However in recent years several books have been published that accurately portray Lincoln as he really was. THE REAL LINCOLN by Thomas DiLorenzo, RED REPUBLICANS AND LINCOLN MARXISTS by Benson and Kennedy, and LINCOLN UBER ALLES-DICTATORSHIP COMES TO AMERICA by Emison expose Lincoln as a Marxist Socialist along with some members of his cabinet and military officers.
The most intimate facts about Lincoln come from his law partner William S. Herndon who wrote a book about Lincoln after his death. Lincoln was an Atheist and of illegitimate birth. Overwhelming evidence indicates that he was the son of South Carolinian John C. Calhoun and Craytonville South Carolina barmaid Nancy Hanks. Calhoun signed a $100 per year child support document and paid Thomas Lincoln $500 to take the poor girl to her uncle's home in Kentucky as her family forced her to leave. Lincoln was born at the plantation of Abraham Enloe in North Carolina on the way to Kentucky. The circumstances of his birth should not be held against Lincoln. The initial copy of Herndon's book was quickly bought up and destroyed to shelter the truth about Lincoln's Atheist belief's but about a dozen copies survived. The second edition was toned down. Lincoln was an Atheist but pretended to be a Christian for political reasons. He had previously written a book espousing Atheism but a friend threw it in the fire and told Lincoln "you will never get elected to anything if that book gets published".
Lincoln was inspired, promoted, and supported by the infamous European Socialist Karl Marx who sent thousands of European Socialists especially Germans to America to fight for Lincoln and the Union army. As a result of Union victory America was transformed from the Republic formed by the founding fathers to a Socialist-Democracy. Lincoln's Assistant Secretary of War, Charles A. Dana, was an avowed Socialist who went to Europe and met Marx prior to the War of Northern Aggression of 1861-65 (Civil War). Dana had 487 of Karl Marx's articles including THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO published in the New York Tribune newspaper prior to the war. Lincoln's "Band of Brothers" included the Communist German born Union General Joseph Weydemeyer "the reddest of the red".
Lincoln imprisoned approximately 200,000 Northern citizens because they supported the South's constitutional right to secede and form a new nation independent and free of Northern tyranny, despotism, and dictatorship. About 38,000 were incarcerated for the entire duration of the war. Those imprisoned by Lincoln included Francis Key Howard, the grandson of Francis Scott Key that wrote the song Star Spangled Banner. Lincoln also had Federal troops burn and shut down about 300 Northern Newspapers because they supported the South's constitutional rights. Lincoln was a micro-manager of the war and he certainly knew and approved of the actions of Sherman, Sheridan, Hunter, Custer and other Union officers who murdered, stole, plundered, looted, burned and raped their way across the South from 1861-1865.
The original Republican Party of 1854 to 1877 was a Socialist and Atheist party which is more closely represented by the modern Democratic Party. To those who know the truth, there is nothing noble or honorable about referring to the modern Republican party as "The Party Of Lincoln". Adolph Hitler was a Lincoln admirer and devoted a chapter of his book MEIN KAMPF to Lincoln's justification of National Socialism. Furthermore in the 1930's the American Communist Party had Lincoln-Lenin parades in New York City.
Years ago the Dougherty County Republican Party held a Lincoln dinner but upon learning some of the facts about Lincoln they changed all future events to a "Ronald Reagan Dinner". I encourage the Lee County Republican Party to do the same. Regardless I do encourage attendance and the opportunity to hear Allen West speak should not be missed.
James W. King
Camp Commander
Sons of Confederate Veterans Organization
Albany Georgia