Monday, October 14, 2013

William R. Stewart Tombstone Donation Fund


Yesterday was the Quantrill Society Reunion and Commander Mark Stuart visited us to inform us of a Searcy SCV Camp project in Columbia Missouri. The project is a memorial marker for a Quantrill Man, William R Stewart that lies in an unmarked grave. A $300 contribution was approved and check written.

 I am sending this email to you and ask that you forward on to others in your organizations/societies that care and support Confederate and Guerrilla memorials. Consider contributing $5 or $20 or whatever you can to the project. I think the important thing is to send something to the Searcy Camp and show your support.

While identifying and marking our southern graves is important there is another reason to provide support to the Searcy Camp. There are factions in Columbia that have prevented the SCV from marching in parades. In addition they have prevented the SAR and SUV from participating in their efforts to stop the SCV. The memorial and ceremony is our chance to speak out with our support. We won't be silenced!

Across our country our men that fought in our 2nd War of Independence or defended their homes, family and communities are under attack. The flags are refused the opportunity to fly over Confederate Cemeteries and parks named after the heroes of the South are being renamed to erase their memory and history. This is an opportunity to help. Many of us that descend from bushwhackers/guerrillas had our families almost wiped out but we are still here and we still remember.

Thanks for forwarding and/or contributing.
Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees - Stonewall Jackson's Last Words.

Remember the Bushwhackers!!  

Bob Capps
Hughes SCV Camp

Subject: William R. Stewart Tombstone donation fund
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2013 19:57:20 -0500

Hello Bob,
     Sure was good to see and visit with you at the Quantrill Society meeting.  I knew some of the folks but came away seeing a truly fine bunch of unreconstructed Confederates----does a body good to see that!!!
     We very much appreciate your willingness to participate in this so very worthy project.  Contributions may be mailed to:
Don Bowman, Adjutant SCV Camp 1923
13610 Audrain Road 989
Centralia, Missouri  65240-6509
Again, thank you so much for your participation and  know you and all the rest will be heartily invited to attend the ceremony sometime in the Spring.  With sincere Confederate regards,
Mark Stuart, Commander
Lt.Col. James J. Searcy SCV Camp #1923 Columbia, MO