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Help Save the Antietam Campaign!

Civil War Trust

Help Save the Antietam Campaign!
Emboldened by his victory at Second Manassas, Gen. Robert E. Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia crossed the Potomac River and into Maryland. With uncharacteristic speed, Gen. George B. McClellan's Union Army of the Potomac moved to check the Confederate advance. Over the course of eight days the two mighty armies clashed in four fierce battles, producing 41,000 casualties and marking September 17, 1862, as the bloodiest single in American history.
The Civil War Trust now has the opportunity to save 318 acres at all four of the battlefields of the Antietam Campaign: South Mountain, Harpers Ferry, Antietam, and Shepherdstown. By taking advantage of an incredible $11-to-$1 match, we can save this essential hallowed ground and preserve the story of the Antietam Campaign for future generations of Americans.
Help Save the Antietam Campaign!
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