Friday, October 4, 2013

Do the USA and Confederate Flags stand for Racism and Bigotry or are they both a source of pride and inspiration?

Recently I wrote an article stating my opinion regarding how the Confederate flag has been hijacked by hate based white supremacy groups and misinterpreted. Our critics argue that any and all Confederate flags are symbols of bigotry and racism, because they have been displayed, used and abused by groups such as the Ku Klux Klan. Yet the flag of the USA (Stars and Stripes) has also been hijacked by the KKK and used in far greater numbers and occasions than the Confederate flag. Those of us that are Pro Southron and Confederate, are the only ones pointing this well documented fact out to all those who are attacking our symbols, monuments, statues, ancestors and certainly our flags.
It thoroughly disgusts me to hear anyone speaking, acting hateful towards, or attacking the South, Southron people, Southron way of life, Southron dialects, Southron food, Southron heritage and history, and last but not least, our Southron symbols! These are all part of the history of the United States and should NEVER be annihilated. It doesn't matter what definition you place onto our heritage and history…..none of these things can or will be removed from our hearts or blood as they are inherently interweaved into each of us and rightfully ours to celebrate and honor. Bottom line, your interpretation cannot and will not change the truth or factual history and results in nothing more than further dividing this country.
A true Southron Belle and an incredibly classy Southron lady, Karen Cooper, has recently been attacked verbally no doubt by individuals who don't have the first clue about her. When you attack one of our dearest and most beloved Southron sisters, you attack all of us and cause our ire to be strongly raised. Karen, we ALL love you and appreciate everything you do in the front lines!
In the same token, I am disgusted by those that refer to the Stars and Stripes as "the rag." My parents fought under that flag so that yours and my freedom can be preserved. Many of my friends fought and died for that flag….many more are fighting and dying today around the world for that flag. I do not like today's policy makers that are in a position to bring us into war zones any more than I like those that brought about the War of Northern Aggression, but the flag is a symbol of who we are and where we come from. Flags are simply inanimate objects who in of themselves are nothing more than a material article. The ugly and hateful people that try to disgrace a national symbol to fit their agenda are what we should be calling out not the object itself. For those that live outside of this country and are not American citizens, other than jumping on someone's bandwagon, you don't have the first clue about the heartbeat of this country and its citizens.
It is my deepest hope and desire that everyone PLEASE stop attacking each other and take the time to learn about the other person and their history. My youngest daughter at the ripe old age of 6 told me one day after us talking about racial intolerance that was in the news that day, "You know mom, there's no such thing as black, white, yellow, red, brown, etc…races…..we are ALL just a different shade of tan." Amen! We are born whom we are born….none of us had a choice into which family, which race, which country or the economic circumstances into which we were born. Don't attack others for the shade of tan they are or the families, country or race they are born into. God's plans for each us do not include annihilating anyone or anything….that's what we choose as individuals to do. That's also what we can choose NOT to do! Deo Vindice!
Eileen Parker Zoellner