Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Missouri Day Tomorrow!

Don't forget that Missouri Day is celebrated tomorrow (wednesday October 16). This actual holiday, which was instituted in 1915 by an act of the Missouri State Legislature, was designed with the intention of celebrating all things Missouri. Our land, our people, and the many contributions of both.
I unfortunately just learned about it not long ago – however, I have written an article that will hopefully appear in our local paper tomorrow, and will post something about it on the blog Missouri Tenth (http://www.missouritenth.com). I've also stressed it in my own family, and plan on talking about a famous Missourian sometime during the day. Maybe we'll try to do a field trip to one of the local Missouri sites this weekend :) And let's face it, there are plenty of famous places commemorating these things. The Lewis and Clark monuments, the Nelson Art Gallery in Kansas City, the home of George Washington Carver in Diamond Missouri, Lexington (where Missouri Liberty was proudly defended), Keytesville (home of Governor and General Sterling Price), Shatto Dairy near Stewartsville (a fine local business), Arrow Rock (home of Gov. Claiborne Jackson), Jefferson City (our beautiful capital), the fall trees in historic Weston, St. Joseph (Pony Express), and much more.
I think a lot of us would agree that with what all is going on in the Fed, celebrating local government and our community right here is appropriate, liberating, and a breath of fresh air. This is our home, and it's one we can be proud of!